Design Options. The perspective you can't afford to ignore

As the only Los Angeles based trend and color forecasting company, Design Options
is dedicated to bringing Southern California's unique aesthetic to the world. Its singular,
cutting edge perspective, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the current
marketplace, fuels the company's imaginative products and high-end consulting services.

Bringing L.A. to the world.

As a supplement to the reports, Design Options also publishes a newsletter to keep its clients apprised of the very latest trends coming from the West Coast.

Forecasting trends yet to comeā€¦
a powerful intelligence gathering resource.

Design Options helps clients achieve improved sales, increased profits and greater market penetration by forecasting with consistent accuracy tomorrow's trends today.

Forecasting intelligence.

Color forecasting is a delicate balance of art and intelligence gathering. Careful and thorough
analysis goes into every volume of the tri-yearly Color Report. Each edition forecasts L.A.'s hot
new color combinations in all segments of apparel, home fashion and industrial design.

Global Reach

With corporate offices in Los Angeles, New York, and a marketing presence in Canada,
Brazil, India, Korea, Mexico and Australia, Design Options brings its insight into trends
in lifestyle, color, fashion, the youth market, as well as home furnishings from one of
the most influential trend-conscious cities in the world.

The wrong color won't sell at any price.

Distributed prior to the Early Spring, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons, each edition identifies a select number of colors that Design Options research has determined to be the "ones to watch."

For the Early Spring edition, 32 colors are included, while the other two reports identify 48 colors each. These publications provide clients with innovative palettes, all presented on clear acetate for easy color mixing. Pantone TC numbers are also included to make referencing easy.

"A must-have for the design professional"

The company's products and services have evolved, over the last 2 decades, into a "must-have"
resource for the apparel, home fashion and industrial design professional. In addition to its
publications on color and LifeStyle trends, Design Options has diversified into the home furnishings
and youth market segments, as well as sponsoring "standing-room only" seminars for those seeking insight into the trends of the future. With a client base that reads like a "who's who" of the apparel and home fashion industries, Design Options now produces multiple publications distributed globally throughout the year.